Let your creativity flow!

Create your own live interactive media applications with Vuo.

Vuo is Versatile

Vuo is designed to support your vision. Use it at VJ events, live theatrical performances, art galleries, clubs, touring rock shows or for interactive art and music, animations, visualizations, special effects for video production, museum exhibits, displays, or prototyping. What will you create?

Vuo is User Friendly

We know you just want to be creative, so we made Vuo easy to learn. With Vuo's intuitive design, tutorials, and friendly documentation, you'll be able to start the minute you install Vuo. You don't need to be familiar with any other media environment or know any programming.

Vuo is Powerful

You'll be able to input and manipulate sound/audio, video, motion capture, hardware signals or data feeds in just about any way you can think of – from quick prototypes to final production. You can create stand-alone Vuo apps and interface Vuo compositions with other multimedia tools.