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Nice contributions @Magneson. A virtual Cymascope is definitely on our to-do list! What are you referring to by a using a shader?

Have been making good progress with manipulating nodes of a 3D sphere via scaling (as you empathized) and will share results soon, however modeling sound wave phenomena would definitely be the holy grail for digital cymatics!

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What are you planning to make? Cymatics and Oscilloscopes are perhaps better placed in a shader of some sorts. I at least haven't found a satisfactory way to emulate that in Vuo (that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't exist). I see from the way you pose the question that you might attack the problem from the wrong angle though. As audio input is a one dimensional value from 0 - 1 it doesn't lend itself well to xy(z) manipulation in its raw form. What it does well however, is scaling. So if you start by making a circle/sphere, then you can apply the audio values as scaling for those points, either by adding/mulitplying lists, or by scaling the points that go into them.

I'm attaching two compositions I whipped up quickly to demonstrate two ways of doing it, although there are a lot more. I suspect that if you go into 3D space with them, the z-axis (provided the object has origin at 0,0,0) will be the best one to scale.

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You have to think about the process/build list nodes as a self-containing loop. This means that the hold nodes needs to be triggered from the loop itself in order to avoid flicker/unintended behaviour. So in order to get it to work, you would have to trigger the orange hold nodes from the orange process list "process item" port. However, I don't think that the process list is the best suited tool to do the task if I understand the build correctly.

If you look at the picture, the Xs mark where signals enter or leave a loop without a hold node, which will make things go bonkers.

As far as I understand it, the process list is intended to use to change items, i.e. if you input a 3D point list, you should expect a changed 3D list output. So when you then want to create a list of color items based on the 3D point list, the build list is better suited. This way you can pull the info from the original list, and create a new color list based on the attributes you set. To make it react to both set values, and an animated value, you can use the logic nodes && (AND) or || (OR) to merge which points it should react to (although at increased resource usage).

Here is the composition with a build list instead EDIT_IsWithinBox-2xProcessList-Color-boyaud.vuo

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For the discussion Is Within Box Get Color, I think the solution that you suggested, @Bodysoulspirit, would actually be more efficient. Rather than building a list of 3D objects and then extracting their colors to send as DMX, @Xavier dev can build a list of colors and use that list both for creating the 3D objects and for sending as DMX.>

Yes, actually, I followed your recommendations and work on this color list as the attached file. It's better that way.

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With two 'Process List' nodes, where to place 'Hold Value' nodes?

On the issue of "node hold", I work on the idea of injecting 2 "process list" into an "Is within Box". Following the recommendations I placed the hold nodes to avoid the flicker. After several attempts, the problem does not seem to be solved in this configuration. Maybe I omitted a parameter or that the problem comes from elsewhere. Could you guard me on this subject, thank you.

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im trying to put an image of a face on a 3D objects in order to stretch, pull, and distort a face. The weirder the better.

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@mandrewsdraws posted a new Discussion, “changing Quantized Object



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