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Rolfe Kent = score for the movie Sideways.

My music (and my Vuo) =

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Thanks man! I love Jon Brion, gotta check out Rolphe! Where can I hear some of your music?? :)

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thanks @mixfilet, that certainly achieves the effect, but I was looking at doing it with the build/process list nodes so that things could be changed per iteration over time(unlike in an enqueue). Perhaps Jaymie or Steve could chime in.

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Chosen to be implemented.

AMAZING news ! ;)

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@jstrecker commented on @krezrock's Feature Request, “Speech synthesis (text-to-speech) node

Chosen to be implemented.

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Your music is sort of a mix between Jon Brion and Rolfe Kent.

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Endless circle, like this video? :)

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Hello amazing Vuo community,

I want to say thank you to the amazing Vuo team and to the amazing community around the software. I'm a musician who's interested in creating music visuals, and Vuo has given me an accessible platform with which to create visual art, which has been such an amazing adventure!



Vuo is more than nodes and cables, it's a community! Feel free to browse or add your voice.

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