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When I run "IsWithinBox-ProcessList-Color-boyaud.vuo" (https://vuo.org/node/1825) there is a phenomenon that I can not solve.

A few cubes blink on the gray line randomly. Maybe the cable on the Fire from "Process List" is not good?

I tried several manipulations but I can not solve the problem. I probably forgot a few things, could you help me?

Thank you very much, Xavier.

Lorsque je lance " IsWithinBox-ProcessList-Color-boyaud.vuo" il y a un phénomème que je n'arrive pas à résoudre.

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@marioepsley commented on @krezrock's Feature Request, “Export 3D Mesh

I think this feature would be particularly cool, I often deform models I've found online to create interesting landscapes using the explode, noise, displace nodes. It would be great to export these as objs, not only would I be able to reimport it and reprocess it but I was wondering if I could take some of these into unreal engine.

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@bLackburst commented on @bLackburst's Feature Request, “Reveal Hidden Cables With Hover

Ok, don't vote on this then...it's for hover.

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I got it working using "allow periodic events" instead of "schedule"... but my wish is to understand exactly what's happening as they sound equivalent to me.

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Hi, I wish to allow a keystoke, and no others till an amount of time has passed. The attached node does that the first time (write "GO!" just when the key is let pass); filtering followings. After 3 sec are passed, it allows correctly a second keystroke. Typing quickly a third, it wrongly allows it, even if the time is not passed yet. There should be a reset event that I can't control, what am I doing wrong? thanks michele

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@cremaschi commented on @alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Lists within lists

Hi have no credit anymore to vote on this... but +1 by me! Lists of lists, or in other words, lost treated as every other kind of data type, is a must-have feature for me.

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@alexmitchellmus You might like to take a look at this presentation I made way back in the pre-alpha dyas of Vuo about my ideas for window in window group nodes exploding and collapsing in the single Editor window. Please let me/us know what you think of the idea.




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