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I have not tested this at all, but maybe you could record a series of 1-frame movies each with a different bitrate (use the Finalize port to end one movie and start the next) and then assemble them back into one movie using a composition like the attached.

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Here's one way to do it —

For your other questions, I'd suggest looking at manual sections "4.2 How events travel through a node" and "5.4.2 Generic port types".

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@pbourke commented on @pbourke's Discussion, “Transform order

Thanks, missed that. Does one assume the rotations occur about x, then y and then z? Another useful statement would be what direction the rotations are in ... eg: clockwise when looking along the rotation axis.

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Have you noticed any patterns to when this is happening? Is it, by any chance, after renaming or moving a file in Finder? (We've noticed that happening and wonder if it's the same issue.)

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I'm glad you figured it out. For future reference, empty space in the output of Render Layers to Image is transparent. To composite on top of another image, you can just use Blend Images.

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@jstrecker commented on @cremaschi's Bug Report, “Inconsistent video input size

Thanks for sharing your workaround.

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