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If the popover says it hasn't dropped any events, then Vuo is submitting all movie frames to the macOS window server to be displayed. This doesn't 100% guarantee that macOS won't drop frames (that's out of Vuo's control), but it's a pretty good indication that your system is keeping up with the movie framerate.

With a simple composition, just Play Movie -> your shader -> Render Image to Window, the port popover would be a good measure of the effect of output resolution on your shader.

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@jstrecker commented on @balam's Discussion, “Interface suggestion

Your comment touches on some suggestions that other people have had for usability improvements: Background Color and More type conversions. We've had some discussions, but I don't think any community feature requests yet, about how in Max you can double-click on the graph and start typing to create a node, and how that idea might translate to Vuo. It would be cool if you could right-click on a port and get a mini node library of all nodes that could connect to the port, for example.

I wonder if some of the non-intuitive things will start to feel more intuitive as you use Vuo more and get used to its conventions. Like with Max, if someone's brand new to it, maybe they don't know that "matrix" means bridges for data, but they learn it from experience and then it makes perfect sense. With Vuo, maybe you don't know immediately that if you search the node library for two data types, like "object" and "image", you find nodes converting between them. So if things seem non-intuitive at first but then start to make sense over time, I wonder if there are things we can do to speed up the process.

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Apple Motion's Replicator does a heck of a lot of different things. In Vuo the different things are split into different nodes, such as Copy 3D Object * and Tile 3D Object and Make Random Points Object and Arrange 3D Objects in Grid and Shuffle List and Change 3D Object Blending and Curve and Schedule and Make Random List (with Seed) and Make Gradient Noise and Make Points along Spline and Build/Process List.

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Until we get canvas notes this was what I was attempting to use, but it's not possible until this behavior is fixed.

Rather than spending time on a fix that is only needed temporarily, we're going to focus on other improvements and be able to get to notes a tiny bit sooner.

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Highlight / visual cue to show connection between port and detached port popover

If you click on a port that already has been expanded into a floating palette window nothing happens. Maybe the palette window could blink off and on again or just some little signal flash in the title bar so it's easy to find out of a group of them.


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The different behavior is meant to streamline the most common usage for each node. For most nodes, the text input editors behave like other types of input editors, with Return accepting the input and dismissing the input editor. For Make Image with Shadertoy, obviously the Return key is essential to editing the text, so Return makes a linebreak and you have to click away to dismiss the input editor. (This comes from the "isCodeEditor":true in the node source code.)

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@kleurbleur posted a new Question, “Replicator / Duplicator



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