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@jstrecker commented on @Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Scrollable Port Popups

Opened for voting. Thanks for the suggestion, @Bodysoulspirit.

(The yellow tooltips pop up if you hover over a port whose constant value is truncated, allowing you to see the full value, such as a long URL. They also pop up for published ports.)

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When Soundflower is installed, Vuo sees these options:

When you pick a device from Receive Live Audio's input editor, it matches based on the device model. However, both the 2- and 64-channel Soundflower devices have the same model number, so that will always choose the 2-channel version since it's listed first.

Since the models are the same but the names are unique, you can use Make Audio Input from Name to pick the 64-channel device. Example attached (64channel.vuo).


We installed and tested Loopback (in "true virtual mode", using audio from iTunes), and Vuo is successfully receiving audio data from it for us.

Could you post your Loopback configuration and Vuo composition? Or try with the settings we used. Here's what we tested with:

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API documentation says library file extension is optional, but it's actually required


Steps causing the bug to occur: 

On ARToolkit node github repository, @mic reported that adding the library libAR.a to a module's dependencies as "dependencies" : [ "AR" ] doesn't work, but adding it as "dependencies" : [ "AR.a" ] does. This contradicts the documentation, which says that either should work.

For some libraries (those within Vuo.framework?), both options do work. Team Vuo should either allow both options for all libraries or fix the documentation.

Have you found a workaround?: 

Include the file extension.

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We’re actually going to be doing a poll soon to ask you / the community for your input on how Vuo’s development should be funded. We’re considering changes to how much / how often people have to pay for Vuo, to try to get a lot more people using Vuo and helping fund its development. Stay tuned :)

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Thanks Jaymie. What I was doing wrong: I was plugging the layer into the "Layers" port on the Render node, rather than individual layer number.

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@Kewl posted a new Discussion, “CPU efficiency in Calculate node

CPU efficiency in Calculate node

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In the Calculate node, what is better in terms of CPU efficiency: for example, x/180 or x*(1/180) ?

And with two variables: x/y or x*(1/y) ?

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@Kewl posted a new Discussion, “Visual data beyond Vuo "space"

Visual data beyond Vuo "space"

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The question is in the context of a cylindrical projection: if i put an Oval Layer (a circle) at the very edge of the Vuo space, let's say at x=1, I will only have half the oval.

Is it possible to fold what is beyond 1 on the negative side, like the layer data at 1.2 would be at -0.8?

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@Kewl posted a new Discussion, “Cylindrical projection to fisheye

Cylindrical projection to fisheye

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Let's say that I have a 4000*1000 pixels rectangular image that is destined to a cylindrical projection: how would I proceed to transform this image to a fisheye image for an eventual dome projection? TIA!



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