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@useful design commented on @alexmitchellmus's Feature Request, “Expand Floating info Pallets

Yes scrollable and also condense the info in less verbose and white-space hungry way if at all possible without losing important info. I don't need all the details just to recognise which elements are where in a list, i.e. has the previous node done what it was supposed to.

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@krezrock commented on @krezrock's Feature Request, “Twitch Chat Node

Node that access a Live Twitch Chat. Capture text and emotes.

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@krezrock posted a new Feature Request, “Twitch Chat Node

Twitch Chat Node

A node that accesses a Live Twitch Chat.

Screenshots, Mockups, and Videos: 


Notes from Team Vuo

Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo and Vuo Pro licenses


●●○○ — A few weeks of work

A couple of technical details (

  • Twitch uses the IRC protocol with some modifications.
  • Twitch requires OAuth.
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rotate text 45º please.vuo

Make Text Image feeding Make Image Layer seems to rotate the text.

Apparently the Text Layer tries to lock to pixels rather than using AA… see Jaymie (@jstrecker)'s answer to text scroll jaggie question (find and insert link). Perhaps Vuo wont let it rotate for some reason associated with that… funny that there'd be an input though.

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Make Keyboard modifiers conform to OS X Finder and App conventions in Editor

Holding down Shift Key while drawing a marquee in the editor should toggle the selection state of all nodes the overlap the area selected. Currently as soon as one clicks in the Editor comp window while holding the Shift Key down whatever is selected is deselected before one can add or subtract from the selection of nodes.

Command Key held down while marqueeing could just select wires not the nodes… but not sure that's hugely useful, still not a big Vuo user so probably have more opinions in time to come.

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@useful design posted a new Question, “How do I rotate a Text Layer?!

Very simple ask, answer not obvious (which doesn't speak well to Vuo's user friendliness… I taught myself QC for weeks without discovering Kineme forums and QC list to ask questions).

Using either the Transform Layer inputs or a dedicated Make 2D transform node i can only get the text layer to translate (X, Y), not scale, and not rotate.

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So I can load the table and append all the header text from the first row into a single text item and that's about it so far.

How do I rotate a text layer?! I used a 2D Transform node and although it will translate (X, Y) it will not scale or rotate the text.

No idea what I'm doing wrong, how hard does rotating a single "Hello World" by 45º have to be?

In this vuo file the filepath to the data will have to be updated to wherever you put it. Just drag the CSV file into the composition and a new Fetch Table node is created with the correct URL.

Here is the CSV file again, zipped this time to get it on the VUO server

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Actually I cannot get either upload video file or load or embed iframe of YouTube video going. It gets most of the way through the process, including a screen with a green tick when I upload saying upload complete but then collapses to an error screen:

When I hit next I get a confirmation for less than a second that the file has uploaded then this screen: This one says "You are not authorised to view this page":

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Oh so i discovered the web tab after clicking the video button now!

Please delete request.



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