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@pbourke posted a new Composition, “Thorn Fractal
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@useful design commented on @pbourke's Feature Request, “Comments

You didn't miss it, Paul — VUO has no notes/comments functionality as yet. Here is an existing FR.

I'm not sure on what thread but I asked for Notes recently, perhaps it was a Notes (QC) / comments FR? I also bug reported that white space is removed from node titles on save ATM. I use unwired Share Value node for header notes and present and tried adding 50 space chars to centre the text and make the nodes stand out (an purple colouring). But when you save even this modest attempt at notes gets wiped out.

What could be cool is QC style notes (draggable & resizeable) that were actually spawned from a Vuo node which could accept/event data inputs like the QC String Printer patch and provide summarised data. We could embed live data in the canvas notes, doing away with the horror of all those floating palettes to a certain extent. Definitely we need notes and comments for sharing comps on Vuo forums and highlighting coding flow/problem issues.

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@pbourke posted a new Discussion, “Transform order

Transform order

It is possible I missed it, but is the "transform" order explicitly stated anywhere? If not then a useful addition to the documentation. I mean, the order the translation, rotation, scale are applied ... and the order of the rotation.

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@pbourke commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Cylindrical projection to fisheye

And for completeness here is the GLSL shader version .... map a cylindrical panorama image onto a fisheye, assuming the panorama rises from the horizon upwards. Adjust the cylaspect variable to match the aspect ratio of the cylindrical panorama.

ps: This is my first ever VUO GLSL shader, happy to receive feedback on standards/conventions/style that I may not be adhering to.

pps: That is now three versions: fisheye render of geometric cylinder, PBMesh, and now GLSL shader. I'd be interested to know from those who might know about such things, what the best performing method is?

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@pbourke commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “atan2(y,x): x and y switched?

atan2(y,x) is the usual order of arguments, as in, the angle to the x axis is atan(y/x).

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@pbourke commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Cylindrical projection to fisheye

I realise this is an old thread/question, but PBmesh was mentioned and as the person matching the initials of the node ... I find myself obliged to provide the warping mesh. See attached.

I am not sure of the relative merits but since Vuo has a fisheye renderer (cool!) I suspect that looking up a cylinder is a much more general way to do it. For example the attached example is for the original question of a 4x1 cylindrical panorama, or vertical height on the fisheye of 57.5184 degrees, other aspect ratios would need their own mesh. Whereas for the cylinder method one just adjusts the height of the cylinder accordingly.

ps: The image being mapped needs to be at a resolution close to twice the window resolution or aliasing effects will occur, I think this would happen for the PBmesh as well as fisheye looking up a cylinder method.

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@pbourke posted a new Feature Request, “Comments


I hope I haven't just missed it ... but being able to add comments in a composition would be nice, and of course good programming practice. Sure, nodes can be labelled as well as given descriptive names. But in composition text would make a nice addition. This seems rather obvious so it is either possible and I haven't found it, or there is a good reason for not doing it. ps: Also haven't found how to add information text to my sub-compositions.

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