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@pbourke posted a new Feature Request, “Copy and paste values

Copy and paste values

Found myself wishing I could copy/paste values between node inputs. So currently when one right clicks on a nodes input value the options are "Edit", "Publish", "Fire" .... How about copy/paste. Perhaps no big deal for single values but a big time saver for multivalue items like points and transforms.

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@pbourke posted a new Feature Request, “User interface suggestion

User interface suggestion

User interface suggestion. When a node is selected the "Actual Size" button centers on that node. Currently has this behaviour for "Zoom In" button.

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One thing making this made me realise, when you make a sub composition for smoothing you necessarily don't want to have to commit the data-type of the nodes within it.

Keeping it generic would allow it to be used for as many datatype as the Smooth with Inertia patch can accept. But it's not possible to make the sub comp without hardwiring a datatype into the composition, in this case 2D point. If possible it would be ideal if the sub composition could accept a list of n–dimensional points or colours etc. I'm not sure if a future Vuo could do that?

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Why does this set of patches not work when converted it to a sub-composition and feed it identical data

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Sorry if this has already been answered in a general sense somewhere else but I didn't find anything.

I have a simple set of nodes that splits a list of 2D points into individual data points and passes each one through it's own Smooth with Inertia node. Then recombines each data point into a 2D Point list the same length as the one that came in.

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Is there a way to do Off Line Rendering with Vuo (like Quartz Crystal) other than using Image Generator protocol?

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Off-line rendering offers numerous advantages over realtime. One being a 4 hour movie using a simple composition can be rendered in 10 minutes or less, another being that a perfect resolution movie can use all the power and time it needs to render each frame, taking much longer than what is possible with realtime rendering.

Edit> **Short answer is yes, but you need to convert the composition to an Image Generator using the Vuo Image Generator Protocol ** See Vuo Manual: 10.1.2 Exporting a movie from an Image Generator composition.

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@pbourke commented on @jvolker's Feature Request, “Option to temporarily disable/turn off nodes

Voted for this. I see it more as a debugging tool, acts as if the node is deleted ... doesn't pass any events and doesn't create any output. Does not need to be saved.

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Good point, @Bodysoulspirit. Looks like I already liked it and forgot it was there!

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whenever I'm working without an ext display I'm wishing both of these options (automatic and manual) existed.



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