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Yes I like that. The feature request already exists, it's Option to hide Node Library more easily

Perhaps the title of it is not so explicit as this one, although I'd prefer the same shortcut to hide/show the panel instead of esc, beside auto-hide.

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In the interest of completeness here is my original comp in working order with a minor fix (EDIT exactly same as Jean Maries post actually, I was trying other ways and ended up back at the same solution).


The problem was I had the event coming to the Refresh input of the Hold List from the first Build List output (i.e. from outside the second Build List loop), the intention was to load the initial 2D Point list ready for second Build List node. But an event was coming from outside the second build loop and the event got passed on to the Build Item input port of the second Build List node. This knocked out the iteration counting of the Build List node by one. The only way to solve it seems to be to have the first iteration event pass though the Hold List node because it's coming parallel to the other nodes in the loops the events are considered to arrive at the same time to the Built Item port and no extra event is registered. Problem solved, and easy when you know how!

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A shortcut key to close the Node Library (say Escape) and an auto-close preference

When working without a ext. display I find I need the Node Library closed whenever I'm not actually inserting a node.

In QC there's a preference to auto-close the Library when you hit Return to insert a patch onto the canvas (or drag it over I guess would be good to) which is very useful. Unnecessary mouse gestures repeated over and over are time wasting basically, and it's a noticeable effort for me to close it all the time.

So a preference for auto closing and also a keyboard shortcut for closing the Library like "esc" key would be a big efficiency gain for not too much coding drama. Also not crazy about the node going to the pointer location which is often under the Library if using the mouse to select the node. So having options for effortlessly closing Library will help with that too.

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@Kewl commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Serious performance drop in macOS 10.12

Has the dispatch semaphore bug reared up its ugly head again?

I have a composition where I add these nodes: Adjust Image Colors, Blur Image, and Apply Mask. Without these nodes, the composition uses around 300% CPU and there's no dropped events. When I insert the three nodes, CPU load drops to about 100%, 150%, but now with a lot of dropped events.

Without the three nodes:

With the three nodes:

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Yeah options for chamfer (simple triangle fill) and radius (circular join like Adobe Illustrator Stroke Path tools) would be sweet. Those gaps stick out, like a lot, on thicker line meshes. Circular end points too would be nice to have.

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@useful design commented on @George_Toledo's Feature Request, “Time Mode/Evaluation Changes

Well a little bit I suppose but it's 1% of a fix I think b/c we still need to do loads of wiring to Fire and Time while making a complex composition :-)

Not really the same as auto-wiring any Time input ports on new nodes to the default Time output source, nor is it auto-wiring a Fire at start to Share Value nodes.

I re-discovered the FR for detachable constant flags, that would solve Share Value node issue.

If we ever were to get Vuo Editor scripting and rules (which I'm first to admit is miles off given the many other features and expansions needed more urgently) it could do this automagically maybe.

I think this FR is about a much more fundamental change to Vuo, or at least in a 'mode'.

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Might like to consider my FR for detachable Drawers as nodes in conjunction with this FR. Very similar concept, had forgotten this one when I got around to logging FR for detached Drawers.

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Speaking of splitters, I really miss the ability QC has to add input and output splitters with a right mouse click (or equivalent). Vuo needs this to do the above, and other kinds of tricks that saves rewiring time and effort.

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I don't know how this could be done the best ? Perhaps when clicking "Export Mac App" a window could appear, inviting us to Add a copyright owner and an application version ?

Better not to have to repeat enter the data every time you export the application (which can be many in a single day). I went through this with Kineme's Quartz Builder. Better if the info is saved somewhere, also there's nowhere to enter Composition Info that I can find. Only example compositions seem to have Comp info text appear in the Node Library when no node is selected. A dialogue to store both or the one info that gets used for both would be good.



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