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Feature request being implemented — Ability to edit GLSL shader code in Vuo Editor.

Currently, you can use the Parabox GLSL nodes or write a custom node class containing the shader.

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Interface suggestion

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Vuo is just great., in my opinion and experience working with vuo is a bit confusing regarding the nodes data in / data out , ( identifying data types) this problem has been sorted by Max msp having a name convention and clear help -sample files, for example working with visuals you usually use Jit.x or jit.gl.x for sound nodes have a ~ at the end, the cord / lines have different coloring scheme, etc. I love vuo and want to start working more often with vuo but the editor interface will benefit from a clear emveriioment and workflow.

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Thanks, great help. your patch guide me to a solution. Big Thanks

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Hi @balam, If you change the "Set time" in the node "Play movie" you can restart the video playback. In the composition I attach I restart by clicking on the window.



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@balam posted a new Discussion, “Movie start - stop
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Hi, I have some work with IP cameras and I use some apps to capture the stream and then pass it to syphon.

There are cameras that have the option to choose between two protocols: http and rtps. There are also different codecs for streaming: MJPEG, H.264, ...

If you use the HTTP protocol and MJPEG encoding, there are two applications you can use to convert the stream to a syphon feed.



If you use the RTSP protocol you can use:

ManyCam (payable)


I hope it can be of help.






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