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@krezrock commented on @krezrock's Discussion, “Get Mesh Values Node / Scale

@khenkel odd. still can't run the composition when placing the Get Mesh Values node in a composition. @Bodysoulspirit Have you attempted to run these updated nodes?

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While you can still hire the team directly, a click on the profile will lead to the shared compositions in the gallery from a specific person and one can link his social accounts or portfolios there too.

But why not a specific page for requests or offers, yes.
Just need to see how the team would envision this since they offer hire options too.

Did you guys had any specific project in mind for the hire ? I could perhaps try some things if you had any.

Or perhaps a method like 99designs, where you suggest a work and how much you would wanna pay for it and some guys can make projects and you select the one you prefer.

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@khenkel commented on @krezrock's Discussion, “Get Mesh Values Node / Scale

Thanks for the heads up, I've updated the nodes for 1.2.6.



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