Right now the only option I've found to extract items from a list is the "Get Item from List" node which currently only allows for single list items to be extracted.

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List ports already have input drawers (the attachment on the left side of the Share List node mockup above) — this feature request is for adding a similar drawer to output list ports (the attachment on the right side of the Share List node mockup above).


However @Steve one would need

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However Steve (@smokris) one would need to have a constant number of items in the list for a subcomposition to work correctly for extracting lists (but I do like the idea lots!).

Having a list output draw similar to input draws make sense - and should work well with list-in-list (and make creating compositions much faster, as we will be able to simply "plug-in" list items wherever.)

Obviously more advanced list functions won't work, (search- get "n" item etc.) but for quick and dirty list access it's fantastic!

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