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Works ! - The way I fed it Time was wrong. Thank you !

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Record and Play OSC Values

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Hi !

I'd like to be able to record OSC Values (and measure minima & maxima to properly scale things). Currently I rely on the fabulous Vezer to record, but doing introspection and mutation within vuo would nicely keep it at one place .

An example composition outside of a protocol would be of great help !

Thanx and greetings - vuo's the best!


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Okay. Got it - ( ... I was about to fiddle with Vezer XMl output to see what I could possibly do with it, but realized that streaming data is a better option to get hold of it within Vuo, then push it back to persist it however wherever...) Thank you !

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ListOfVuoTreeElements -> ListElements

Hi ! One question: is it possible to convert data of type ListOfVuoTreeElements to something more usable ? I know how to point to the data I'm interested in , but don't know how to pick it up ... kind of... - ?