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super cool

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I have been thinking about this more lately...

I saw this, which is pretty cool:

It seems like some of the popup GUI element stuff could be really helpful. Not sure. I could see it possibly bogging down on slow shaders.

Having a way to do keep your helper functions in separate files/pages/nodes (however it works out), and then import them in other parts of the shader...will be REALLY helpful.

I don't know how possible it would be, but having a way to store code snippets in a library, like the node library, would be amazing.

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@George_Toledo commented on @krezrock's Discussion, “Get Mesh Values Node / Scale

I bet you might need to take the composition, delete the old parabox nodes, and then swap in new ones from the node library. Not sure if it will help, but I've had something similar happen, and that worked.

BTW, thanks again for this node set, Karl!!! It's really great.

You (or anyone for that matter) might be interested in some of the things going on in this editor; just saw it a couple of days ago and was impressed at some of the ideas for GUI objects that pop up to make enhance editing.