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Vuo with rain sensors and lightpainting and dancing, plus a tip

Hey, my Vuo peeps. Since the Vuo 1.2.6 release in June, we’ve published three new and remarkable community spotlights. Also we have a tip to share about Vuo’s keyboard shortcuts.

Community spotlight: Circus Family celebrates rainwater and Sinterklaas

Circus Family have turned to Vuo many times in their audiovisual design work, including The Rain Project and Hema Sintersizer. The Rain Project, a collaboration with advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, was a short film about “the never-ending source of Spa mineral water”. In a forest, they built an installation in which rain sensors trigger sound, light, and projections. Hema Sintersizer was a humongous music-making machine made of toys for the Sinterklaas holiday. The agency XXS commissioned Circus Family to create the Sintersizer for Hema’s flagship department store in Amsterdam.

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Community spotlight: Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross light-painting women's experiences

The visual art of Lori Hepner and the music of Kendra Ross combined in Intersection*ology, a performance that “explores, adapts, morphs, rejoices and revolts in the many ways women are perceived”. A key part of the performance was lightpainting, a process that Lori adapted from her work in long-exposure photography to a real-time performance setting. Kendra and Lori wore LED strips, a camera captured their movements, and Vuo turned the live video into trails of color. They’ve given two performances in Pittsburgh, USA, and plan to do more.

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Community spotlight: Dancers with disabilities paint with body movements at IMPACT  Theatre

IMPACT  Theatre have used Vuo in their mission “to promote a positive image of disability and to develop communication and self-confidence, though participation in performing and creative arts”. They recently used Vuo in a performance called Hyper in which dancers made virtual paintings with their body movements using skeletal tracking. IMPACT  Theatre will be using Vuo again in a puppet show on August 5 in Perivale, UK.

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Could you be in a community spotlight?

We love hearing what people are doing with Vuo! If you’ve made something cool, please share it in the composition gallery, drop us a line, or tweet @vuoflow.

We also love sharing what people have done with Vuo! Whether your work is a professional exhibition or just something you did for fun, it might make a great community spotlight. And hey, maybe it’ll spark someone else’s idea for their next Vuo project.

Tip: Keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that you can…

  • duplicate a cable by holding down the option key while dragging from an input port?
  • make a cable event-only by holding down the shift key while dragging the cable?
  • make the canvas slightly transparent with ⌘2 and very transparent with ⌘3?
  • move the canvas viewport by holding down the spacebar and dragging?

The Vuo Manual gives a complete list of keyboard shortcuts .

Team Vuo

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@jstrecker commented on @jstrecker's Composition, “Hover Buttons for Leap Motion

Updated! Thanks, @bLackburst, for catching that.

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If the other program can export the camera path in a way that Vuo can read, then yes.

Some possibilities (haven't tested):

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That sounds like a different issue. Since the nodes cause CPU load to go down and events to be dropped, the bottleneck now is probably the GPU.

You could try the image filters one at a time to see which one is affecting performance the most. I'd guess the Blur with radius 16. If so, you could use Resize Image to reduce the amount of work that Blur has to do.

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We're working on some usability improvements for generic ports in Vuo 1.3, particularly the process involved in changing from one data type to another. I think they might solve your problem, @Alastair. I'm tabling this feature request, and we can reevaluate it if needed after the improvements.