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We’re actually going to be doing a poll soon to ask you / the community for your input on how Vuo’s development should be funded. We’re considering changes to how much / how often people have to pay for Vuo, to try to get a lot more people using Vuo and helping fund its development. Stay tuned :)

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Nooooo! :p Can you think of anything different between when it works and when it doesn't? For example, you had more applications running / more CPU load when it didn't work? Have you tried breaking down the composition into smaller pieces to try to narrow down the problem?

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@Bodysoulspirit, the iTunes music library is in a special (Apple-specific) XML format called a property list — which is convenient for some purposes, but unfortunately not for locating items in the XML.

Possibly we could enable the Make Tree from XML node to detect if the XML is a property list, and if so, turn the keys into element names and the values into content.

Anyone else interested in using the iTunes file or other property lists in Vuo?