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The format is only read at the start of the recording. (It's a constraint of the underlying macOS framework we're using for movie recording, AVFoundation.) Hm, we should mention format in the node's documentation, in the paragraph about "Certain characteristics of the movie are determined when saving starts, and can’t be changed while saving is in progress…"

Were you just experimenting, or was there something specific you wanted to use variable bitrate for?

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The Lorenz Attractor is a set of differential equations, which is about one college math course beyond the equations that Vuo's parametric nodes handle :)

Paul (@pbourke) has shared an algorithm for simulating the Lorenz Attractor — http://paulbourke.net/fractals/lorenz/ — which perhaps you could implement in a custom Vuo node or using Build List.

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@jstrecker commented on @krezrock's Feature Request, “Twitch Chat Node

Thanks for the clarification, Azy (@krezrock). Opened for voting.