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@jstrecker commented on @Jérôme Lanon's Bug Report, “Personal node disappear

Confirmed (and there still seem to be some problems in 1.2.6 alpha1). We'll work on getting this fixed.

In the meantime, if you go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder, you can see the subcomposition files and rename them without accents. You'll have to restart Vuo Editor to reload the subcompositions with their new names.

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@jstrecker commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “atan2(y,x): x and y switched?

No, that's the usual way for atan2 to work — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atan2#Illustrations

As your illustration shows, 0 radians (0°) is at the point x=1, y=0 — but since it's standard for the arguments to atan2 to be y then x, you would call atan2(0,1) to get this value.

Similarly, for π/2 radians (90°), at the point x=0, y=1, you would call atan2(1,0).

I guess they put the arguments as y then x because the arctangent uses the ratio y/x.

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@Chris, you need quotes around part of the XPath expression — replace /diplomas/program[code=scan] with /diplomas/program[code='scan'].

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Here's an example:

When you type some text and hit Return, upon hitting Return the text appears in the window.