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We're planning to do this as part of another feature request, Get Mesh / Object Vertices. You'd be able to retrieve the shader from one 3D object and apply it to another 3D object.

For the discussion Is Within Box Get Color, I think the solution that you suggested, @Bodysoulspirit, would actually be more efficient. Rather than building a list of 3D objects and then extracting their colors to send as DMX, @Xavier dev can build a list of colors and use that list both for creating the 3D objects and for sending as DMX.

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The tiling is currently done using a method specific to Perlin noise

Oops, for the record, that's actually not true. We're using that method for all types of noise, not just Perlin, and a similar method for Make Tileable Image.

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Thanks for explaining, @Kewl. Opened for voting.

If there's no tiling on one axis, the noise image should be more varied on that axis


saving CPU cycles by tiling only on one axis

It would save GPU cycles, and may or may not result in a perceptible improvement in performance.

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Hey, @Bodysoulspirit, just wanted to let you know that your feature request is not forgotten :) We've been snatching time here and there to research color profiles, because it's a tricky subject and we don't want to miss anything important when planning this feature.

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@jstrecker commented on @bLackburst's Feature Request, “Reveal Hidden Cables With Hover

Thanks for the suggestion, @bLackburst. Opened for voting.

@Chris made a similar suggestion for temporarily revealing hidden cables here.