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We're going to consider this as part of the Polygon node feature request.

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To a limited extent, yes — If the polygon can be created (or flattened from) one of Vuo's 3D shape nodes. You can see the nodes I mean by searching the node library for "make 3d shape".

For the example you gave of a filled square, you could use Make 3D Square together with Make Unlit Color Shader. Or for a gradient, use Make Unlit Image Shader and Make Linear/Radial Gradient Image.

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@timwessman, we tried reproducing the problem here but it worked OK, so apparently there's something different about your system.

We tested running your test composition, first with Osculator and then with OSCTestApp from VIDVOX. In both cases, each click in the composition resulted in one message received by Osculator or OSCTestApp.

Your composition looks OK.

Is it possible that some other OSC device/software on your network is echoing the messages?

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Looks like the same problem as Vuo Compositions Loader fails to reveal when first clicked… now people will be able to find it when they search for "Mission Control" :)