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"dependencies" : [ AR ] needs some quotes. It should be "dependencies" : [ "AR" ] .

The --library-search-path option is only available when compiling and linking compositions with the command-line tools (found in the Vuo SDK). For example:

./vuo-compile ~/Desktop/SomeComposition.vuo
./vuo-link --library-search-path ~/SDKs/ARToolKit5/lib ~/Desktop/SomeComposition.bc

If running the composition with Vuo Editor instead of the command-line tools, there isn't currently a way to add a library search path. Instead, you should place the ARToolKit library in the User Modules or System Modules folder.

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Oops, yeah, that documentation is wrong. Thanks for catching that, @unicode.

Could you describe how you intend to use the U/V expressions? Like, what is the task you're trying to accomplish, and how would the ability to manipulate UV texture coordinates independently make it possible / easier than just using X/Y/Z expressions? I ask because a concrete example helps when thinking about possible improvements to nodes.

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After some investigation, I created a bug report for the Smooth with Duration you encountered: Composition freezes with certain structure of triggers + feedback loops. See the part about a workaround.

I don't have a very good answer for your question about timeframe for fixing the graphics-related crashes, sorry. For the past several months, we've been working on features/fixes that were originally planned for Vuo 1.3 and releasing the smaller or more self-contained ones in the 1.2.x versions. Since the graphics changes are complicated, they're still planned for Vuo 1.3. I expect that will be some months away.

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Ack. Thank you for reporting this bug, Philip (@Pianomatic), and sorry it's getting in your way. We'll get it fixed.