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We tested on a couple computers at Vuo HQ and are also seeing the flickering. Not seeing any problems with the event flow. I checked if the flickers coincided with the occasional events from Fire Periodically or Smooth with Duration : Reached Target, but they don't.

@casdekker, have you found a solution? If not, I can convert your question to a bug report.

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A microcosm of Mandurah on Paul Bourke’s Hydrodome

In the city of Mandurah on the west coast of Australia, with its beaches, estuaries, wetlands, and canals, you’re never far from the sights and sounds of water. Paul Bourke recently used Vuo to convey the familiar sights and sounds in an entirely new way: a fulldome installation called the Hydrodome that “focuses on our community’s connection to our waterways from Mandurah’s ancient Bindjareb heritage to 21st century recreation.”

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What does "Support the option to use either faceted normals or smoothed normals" refer to?

Faceted is when you can see the triangles, smoothed is when their edges are smoothed over.

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I'm wondering if there is a way to address (from a node other than Share Value) specialized ports on nodes such as the Feedback Blend Mode port on the Blend Image with Feedback node or the Smoothing port on the Filter and Smooth Controller Midi node?

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i have a running dog video and i want it to go back and forth by the beat

You mentioned that you found a solution based on the Show Instant Replay example. Cool.

For reference of anyone else who lands here looking for how to do the same thing, here's one solution: