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@mic, I would have expected this to work, too, since the Schedule node description says "The time may be reset to return to an earlier point within the schedule." We probably need to fix either the node or its description. Looking into it. Thanks for pointing out a workaround.

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@marcin, sorry for the belated response. I don't think you're doing anything wrong here. Your composition just exposes a situation (probably the large number of subcomposition instances) where Vuo's performance is not what it should be. That's too bad, cuz it's a pretty cool composition. We're working on a lot of performance improvements for Vuo 1.3 and will use your composition as one of our test cases.

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I would like the ability to choose wether a specific image or other files are packaged into the App or referenced outside the App

When exporting a composition to an app, Vuo copies files that are referenced by relative URLs (paths) into the app bundle. If you don't want a file copied, you can instead use a URL that starts with ~ or /. The attached composition demonstrates — Aqua Blue.jpg and test1.xml are copied, the rest are not.

XML reference files are NOT copied into the Package Contents

Could you post a composition that shows the problem? It worked OK with my attached composition.

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Do you have the option to use a computer with a different GPU? We have a fix for the AMD GPU issues (or to be more precise, a workaround for Apple's driver issue, ugh) coming in Vuo 1.2.6, which we expect to release in 3-4 weeks. (Bug report: X4000 graphics driver crashes)

Also the "(Loyalist )16ChVideoSwitcherWith3360x1080Output" doesn't switch

That probably has to do with the events flowing into the Select Latest nodes. Remember when it's a subcomposition the events come in through all published input cables. The Select Latest node is not going to get an event just from, say, the Take 3 input, it's going to get an event from all of the Take inputs (unfortunately — related feature request: Change subcomposition event behavior).

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@Chris, I'm seeing the same thing with the buttons disappearing. That is weird. I think it must be a separate issue since the buttons just have a label and a background color, no images or anything loaded from a file. If I just put a Make Button and a Render Layers to Window into a subcomposition, that works. The problem might be related to how events are coming into your subcomposition. I would suggest narrowing down the problem by either taking out pieces until it works or building it up from an empty subcomposition until it stops working. In general, if you've built up a lot of parts of a composition individually (as subcompositions or whatever), I'd suggest integrating them one by one rather than putting them together all at once, just because of the inherent difficulty of building complex systems (things that worked fine by themselves start revealing weird behaviors when they start being used in the context of a larger system).