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@jstrecker commented on @Bodysoulspirit's Bug Report, “Too long Tree Port Popover

Confirmed: the port popover can be really wide if the text contains tabs. Thanks for discovering this bug, @Bodysoulspirit!

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@Chris, one of your XPath expressions contains smartquotes, which our parser (currently) doesn't recognize as quotes.

In (Loyalist )BackgroundGraphic.vuo, replace



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@jstrecker commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Visual data beyond Vuo "space"

Your could use Tile Layer, as in the attached example.

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So you mean all other .plist OSX files would work as well ?

Good question — I meant that Make Tree from XML would handle property lists stored as XML text, like the iTunes file. But usually macOS stores property lists in a binary format (if you try to open the file in a text editor, it's just a bunch of weird characters), so that would be a separate node, beyond the scope of this feature request.

Thanks for pointing out the existing feature request for reading iTunes playlists.

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@jstrecker commented on @Kewl's Discussion, “Cylindrical projection to fisheye

You could render the image onto the inside of a cylinder (Make Tube), then place a camera (Make Fisheye Camera) inside the cylinder.

Or maybe somebody's made a PBMesh file that maps from cylinder to fisheye, which you could use with Warp Image with Projection Mesh.