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@Bodysoulspirit Have you attempted to run these updated nodes ?

Just tested the Get Mesh Values node and I still get the "There was a problem running this composition" error even with a blank new composition with only that node.
But from the history of the updates on Github it seems several nodes have been updated 2 days ago but not this one (latest update 2 months ago).

I hope the update will also fix the bug when the node is used to retrieve the vertices from Meshes that are being deformed by Add Noise to 3D Object which bugs since 1.2.4 (ran fine in 1.2.3, since the update of the Add Noise To 3D Objects in 1.2.4 to support noise deformation for points perhaps).

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While you can still hire the team directly, a click on the profile will lead to the shared compositions in the gallery from a specific person and one can link his social accounts or portfolios there too.

But why not a specific page for requests or offers, yes.
Just need to see how the team would envision this since they offer hire options too.

Did you guys had any specific project in mind for the hire ? I could perhaps try some things if you had any.

Or perhaps a method like 99designs, where you suggest a work and how much you would wanna pay for it and some guys can make projects and you select the one you prefer.

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@cymaspace around a circle check my Eclipse EQ in the Composition Gallery. For 3D however around a sphere, either you would have to create a sphere and use Karl Henkel's Get Mesh Node (see the node gallery and his Github but I'm having a bug with it in the last alpha version 1.2.6 a1), or use a parametric node to create a list of points around a sphere.

Then you have to do the math to make them move, I managed that around the circle in the composition I stated above, the math for 3D should be a bit different.

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@Azy yup same for me, no more Get Mesh Values since Vuo 1.2.6.a1

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Well, out of context right now I'm not sure but, for the example of Xavier's composition, if I had a list of shaders, and I would want a specific range of the shader list to be replaced, how would I do it without ranges ?

And he wanted the items to be replaced not always to be the same but to change.

If for example there was a Replaces Ranges In Lists with drawers, I could make a range from 2-5 for example and fill a 5 shaders list that would place itself at positions 2-5.

How would I be able to choose the position of the items to be replaced ?

Perhaps I overview the simpler method !?