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@Bodysoulspirit posted a new Composition, “Schooling Fishes Clock
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So the colors do look like inverted right ? Probably easier if you shared a screenshot of the composition or the composition.

For the Set Window Property does it not work when you use the node change window size attached to the Render Scene to Window Property Port ?

Byttheway, it looks great ! ;)

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Good question — I meant that Make Tree from XML would handle property lists stored as XML text, like the iTunes file. But usually macOS stores property lists in a binary format.

Ok yeah as you said, I travelled the computer a bit and the iTunes library pretty much seems like the only xml property list, its icon also says XML where most other say PLIST. The funny thing is when you open all those PLISTS with Text Edit you get a binary like thing, but with a spacebar hit you actually see all those plist structured as XML even with the XML name at the top of it so that disturbed me ;)

But yeah if the iTunes library is the only XML Plist I would personally NOT put a constant extra port on the Make XML Tree node for that case only would you ? Don't know.

I was actually just testing the XML tree with the library but I personally have most of my music in Spotify so that would require DB which is another Feature Request anyway.

So perhaps either more have a separate "Make Tree from Plist XML" node which the user could use to build up some iTunes library like database for vuo, or a "Make Tree from Plists" as a separate Feature Request, or wait for that "Read iTunes playlists Feature Request" by @vascoarmartins to be implemented.

Actually why I played with the iTunes database was because I wanted to retrieve the Name And Title from the songs which does not come up with the "Get Audio File Info". That could be added there, as a feature request to get ID tags, but I've read iTunes has a special ID behavior though and more plays with it's iTunes library so there would always be people to want ID tags and others to be able to read the iTunes library.

Not sure how much people in the community use iTunes tough ;)

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Thanks. What settings do I use for to put the fisheye at the bottom of the tube, in the center, looking up? And, there's seem to be a (virtual) light source: what do I tweak for an evenly distributed lighting inside the tube?

Not tested but if your tube is vertically set at Z=0 and has a height of 1, put the make targeted fisheye camera its position at Z=0 too to be IN the tube, set it's Y position at (-the half of the height of your tube, so if 1 at y=-0,5) and set it's direction to the top of your tube, so Y target at +0,5 for example ...

If I get your question ;)

An for the lightning does it solve the problem if you use shade with unlit imagerather then shade with image ?