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Hi Jaymie, actually I got the code compile with success. When I try to run a composition in the vuo editor that uses that node, I get this error:

Node outdated or broken — One or more nodes in this composition can't be used by this version of Vuo. Make sure you're using the latest version of all the extra Vuo nodes you've installed:

I think i missed the step you mentioned:

You'll also need to help vuo-link find the ARToolkit libraries when it links a composition. This means listing the libraries in the dependencies section of your module metadata and either placing them in the Modules folder or passing --library-search-path arguments. See for instructions.

I read the link provided but I can't sort it out. Please, what's the way to instruct linker with --library-search-path directive?



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Hey followers of this post, none of you wishing to contribute to program this?

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Hi; I succeeded in importing ARToolkit libraries in a Vuo node skeleton, following your suggestion. But, my skills are not enough to get the goal. Shouldn't be impossibile; on ARToolkit website there's a well documented example that could be used as a reference:

So, what I did is creating a github project, uploading my humble start, open to all contributors here from Vuo community wishing to give some help. It's online at I'll keep it updated of any eventual step forward I'd get.

regards Michele