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filter keystroke for an amount of time

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Hi, I wish to allow a keystoke, and no others till an amount of time has passed. The attached node does that the first time (write "GO!" just when the key is let pass); filtering followings. After 3 sec are passed, it allows correctly a second keystroke. Typing quickly a third, it wrongly allows it, even if the time is not passed yet. There should be a reset event that I can't control, what am I doing wrong? thanks michele

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Hi have no credit anymore to vote on this... but +1 by me! Lists of lists, or in other words, lost treated as every other kind of data type, is a must-have feature for me.

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All clear. Thanks mic

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skip first event

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I tested the first example of page 57 in VUO manual - that plays a sound every time mouse enters a rectangle area. Sometimes the sound is emitted even at composition start, even if mouse isn't in the area. How can I skip just that sound?

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I put quotes as:

             "dependencies" : [ "AR" ],

following documentation that reads:

Notice that the static and dynamic library names leave off the "lib" prefix, and the file extension is optional; libassimp.a becomes assimp or assimp.a, and libicuuc.dylib becomes icuuc or icuuc.dylib. 

When i run vuo-link (with --library-search-path ~/SDKs/ARToolKit5-bin-5.3.2r1-OSX/lib option ) i get in console:

01/03/17 08:55:56,558 vuo-link[1107]:  getLinkerInputs()  Warning: Could not locate dependency 'AR'.

If instead i put

             "dependencies" : [ "AR.a" ],

this seems to solve the error.

Just to know if I'm doing something wrong, or if the documentation saying that file extension is optional is a mistake.

ciao michele