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Open bug reports: 67
Closed bug reports: 417
Last updated Titlesort descending Severity Bug in Fixed in OS version Status
9 months ago 'Is Time of Day After' problem ●●○○ 2.1.2 macOS 10.15 Accepted
9 months ago 'Is Time-Of-Day' comparison Nodes seem to be off by one hour. ●●○○ 2.1.2 macOS 10.15 Accepted
2 years ago Accurately play old animated Gifs 1.2.8 Accepted
1 year ago Aligned Changing Text Moving OS X 10.11 Accepted
6 months ago Arrange layers tanks performance when window port is connected using UI layers ●●●○ 2.2.0 macOS 10.15 Accepted
1 month ago audio failure with apple TV ●●●○ 2.3.0 macOS 11 Accepted
1 year ago Audio not obeying playback rate in play movie node ●●●○ 2.0.2 macOS 10.14 Accepted
10 months ago Audio out of sync when using `Save to Movie` node 1.2.4 Accepted
2 months ago Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies node could be off ●●○○ 2.3.0 macOS 10.14 Accepted
10 months ago Combine Text + Rectangle Layers then Align ●●○○ 2.1.2 macOS 10.13 Accepted
1 month ago compiler error including opencv (or just cmath) Accepted
1 month ago composition crashes after saving ●●○○ 2.2.1 macOS 10.15 Waiting for more information from reporter
1 year ago Composition sometimes not fully zoomed to fit upon opening ●○○○ 2.0.0-beta1 macOS 10.14 Accepted
1 year ago Crash after running for ~30 seconds with Show Events enabled 2.0.0-beta4 Accepted
1 month ago Custom nodes can't use run-path-dependent dynamic libraries (@rpath) 2.3.2 Accepted
4 years ago Decode Movie Image & Play Movie only 8 Bit ●●●○ 1.2.3 OS X 10.9 Accepted
12 months ago Decode Movie Image hangs ●●●○ 2.0.0-beta1 macOS 10.14 Accepted
11 months ago Different behaviour of 3D nodes in vuo 2 ●●●○ 2.0.2 Accepted
5 years ago Dragging a cable towards an off screen node position causes auto-pan overshoot making for extremely difficult successful cable completion 1.2.1 OS X 10.10 Accepted
5 years ago Editor becomes very slow with large compositions 1.2.1 OS X 10.11 Accepted
7 years ago Entire composition moves slightly up and to left when clicking and dragging nodes to edge 0.5.3 OS X 10.9 Accepted
4 weeks ago Error when running a composition with a node specialized to a custom port type 2.3.2 Accepted
12 months ago Example compositions won't open if the node set name contains uppercase letters 2.1.2 Accepted
8 months ago Feedback on layers causes composition crash ●●●○ 2.2.0 macOS 10.14 Accepted
5 years ago Floating node library window sometimes won't re-dock in composition editor windows 1.2.0 OS X 10.9 Accepted