Hi to the Vuo team !

Has the Vuo team ever tried to embed a Vuo File in a .saver bundle using Xcode ?



Nope, just an app bundle, and

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Nope, just an app bundle, and that works. If you haven't already, see the VuoPluginApp example in the Vuo SDK.

With a .saver bundle, I guess your Cocoa code would access the .vuo file in the same way as it would with an app bundle. Are you running into problems or just wondering if it's possible?

If you haven't already, see

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If you haven't already, see the VuoPluginApp example in the Vuo SDK.

Actually the VuoPluginApp doesn't put any .vuo file in the app bundle. I knew I should have checked that before opening my mouth :) But I know in a different application we were able to bundle a .vuo file in an app bundle, just as you would any other file. We were also able to bundle a compiled+linked composition so that the .vuo file would not have to be rebuilt each time the app ran.

Hi @jstrecker , thanks for

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Hi Jaymie , thanks for answer.

I haven't tried anything yet. I was wondering if the Team had ever tried it and would then have asked you to submit it before diving in it or to await the Screensaver Export Feature Request

I'm not a coder (I hate it, thats why I love Vuo :)) therefore it will take me a lot of time. So it could have saved me some :) I don't even understand the difference you mean between "bundle .vuo file and even a compiled composition" :)

Still I have been able in the past to bundle Quartz Compositions into Savers using Xcode (See my Color ScreenSaver) so perhaps diving a bit into the sdk samples will allow me to get that done with Vuo files.

Are the apps you mean with "in an app we were able to ... and we were able to link a compiled Vuo file" included in the SDK or not ?

If yes I will try to look at it when my clean install of OSX El Capitan is completed (and therefore check how good Vuo can run on it ;))


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There's not yet an SDK

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There's not yet an SDK example showing exactly how to use a .vuo file within a bundle, but if you look at the API docs (Developing Applications that Use Vuo) and existing SDK examples, that gets you close. I'll try to fill in the gaps below.

Basically what you need to do is:

  • Create an Xcode project, as described in the API docs.
  • Add your .vuo file to the project (Project Navigator tab on the left side, where it lists all your project files).
  • Add your .vuo file to a Copy Files build phase, Destination=Resources, no Subpath, as described here.
  • In your code, you'll be creating a VuoRunner, VuoImageFilter, or VuoImageGenerator, depending on whether you use the C++ or Cocoa API. See the API docs for more info. In any case, to create the thing, you need the path to the .vuo file. You get it like this:
    • NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"MyComposition" ofType:@"vuo"];
  • From there, the Cocoa and C++ API docs and examples show you how to run the composition.

I don't even understand the difference you mean between "bundle .vuo file and even a compiled composition" :)

Don't worry, it's not important at this point. I probably shouldn't have obscured things by mentioning it :) I was referring to something special we had to do for the app I mentioned, since preparing the composition to run was causing a noticeable delay when starting the app. That might not be a problem for you.

If you do decide to dive in and make a screensaver (the first Vuo screensaver ever?), let me know how it goes :)