I have a plain text file as a data source and can display the first, last or random line but I can't see how I can display the lines sequentially. This is what I'm using:

Fire on Start > Read Text File > Split Text (separator = .) > Cycle Through List (first, last, random)

How do I use a plain text file as a data source to build a list for the Cycle Through List event?



I'm trying to do something

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I'm trying to do something similar however going from Split text, when dragging the cable to 'Cycle through list' "List" input, it won't allow me to make the connection. If I insert a 'Build List' node then instead of my text file, it displays:

"0 vertices, 0 elements<br><br>identity transform (no change)<br><br>0 child objects"

which is strange. What could I be missing?


Solved by inserting a 'Cycle Through List' node between 'Split Text' and 'Make Text Layer'