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is it posible to send more than one, lets say 8 or 16 DMX / ArtNet Universes from a composition? if yes, how? i attached a comp, but this is not working ;( (by the way here i found a nice software to monitorArtNet

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jens, I apologize for my slow

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jens, I apologize for my slow response. Currently it's possible to broadcast multiple universes (using Make Art-Net Output), but your composition is using unicast (Make Art-Net IP Output), and there's a bug preventing unicast of multiple universes to the same IP address.

Thanks for identifying that problem. I converted your question to a bug report, and we'll fix the unicast bug in the next 1.2.0 alpha release (coming in a week or two).

There are also a couple issues I noticed with the "Send 8 Universes" composition you attached:

  • In order for Receive BCF2000 Faders to work, it needs something connected to its Time input port. (You could use a "Requested Frame" port, such as that from Fire on Display Refresh.)
  • DMX expects integers between 0 and 255, but you're sending reals from 0 to 1, so you won't see much action. Using the input editors on the BCF2000 node, you could change the output range to 0 to 255.