A photo of the exhibit's 12 screens, showing different views of a car
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You're an exhibitor at one of the world's biggest auto trade shows. There are almost a million visitors, and a thousand other exhibitors competing for their attention. How do you project the suave aesthetic of a luxury car brand in a way that catches visitors' eyes? jens probst (a.k.a. zwei-p) and Yellow Design took on the challenge by creating an elegant multi-screen display with Vuo.

jens's client was BMW. The auto trade show was the 2015 IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung / International Motor Show) in Frankfurt, Germany. Working collaboratively, Yellow Design focused on the concept and design while jens focused on the implementation.

The exhibit presents BMW's product line of racecar-style parts on an arrangement of 12 monitors of different sizes. Showing me some diagrams of his setup (below), jens explained, "I split the whole thing into four apps, one that is generating MIDI pulses to sync the other ones and serving the 'Ken Burns' beauty-shots in 4K 3840x2160, and three apps that are generating the outputs."

This was jens's first commercial project implemented with Vuo, and it went well. "I had a very good feeling with Vuo," he said. He found Vuo "fun to work with" and stable, too — his composition worked "perfectly" for the duration of the exhibition.

jens added, "Maybe it is also interesting for the community that the increase of system performance with a GeForce GTX 980 Ti was incredible."

Based in Cologne, Germany, jens is "working at the (very interesting) melting point of technology and design, in teams that realize creative media projects for events, exhibitions, TV and live shows." He told Team Vuo, "I like a lot what you have created so far and cannot wait to see what the future brings." Right back at you, jens!


yes be good to know what the

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yes be good to know what the 980 was slotted into, and ext PCIe with TB (2) connector lead or into an older power Mac or whatever…

Also was it a single image 4K "ken burns" effected image being syphon to the apps that split the image into regions for output as HD image? the smaller images all handled within the apps I assume?

Hi Alastair,

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Hi Alastair, it is an (older) MacPro 5,1 with one GTX980Ti, in the discussions i placed a drawing of the whole system: wiring diagram: BMW Exponat with 12 Monitors on one MacPro 5,1. yes, one of the VUO applications is loading the 4K images, ad the "KenBurns" and send it thru syphon. All other Images are supplied in the nativ resolution of the outputs ( 4 outputs 1920x1080 and 8 outputs 1280x720) thru the other 3 VUO applications, they also map the 4K syphon input to the "connected" Monitors.

i hope that answer you question.

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