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This article says:

In Casio's PD synthesis, the phase part of the oscillator […] is distorted in eight different ways (corresponding to the eight wave shapes on the synth) and the amount of distortion is controllable via a parameter called DCW (Digitally Controlled Wave-Shaping). When the DCW is at zero, you just hear a sine wave sound, but as you increase the DCW, the sine wave can be warped into a square or sawtooth (or one of the other eight CZ wave shapes).

…so I think, to do PD synthesis, instead of inputting VuoAudioSamples, you'd want to input a new nonlinear shape for the phase curve (to replace Make Audio Wave's sawtooth phase curve)?

Perhaps either a menu of a few preset curves, or a VuoList_VuoReal of points describing the curve to repeat every cycle. And, add an input port equivalent of Casio's DCW, to blend between linear phase and the selected nonlinear phase curve.

I've opened this feature request for community voting.

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