There doesn't seem to be a multiple item breakout type of node for lists in Vuo. I think it would be a huge benefit especially when using with Art-Net/DMX nodes to be able to have a node similar but better to QC's Structure Breakout node. Right now the only option I've found to extract items from a list the "Get Item from List" node which currently only allows for single list items to be extracted. This could even be a mofication to the existing node and rename it "Get Item(s) from List"

The features I would like to see in this node would be:

  • Allow for Multiple output items (Max 512 items)
  • Options for choosing what range of items from the input list are shown as outputs (This can help eliminate clutter by not showing items that aren't being used.)
  • Ability to custom name each output (similar to attached image of QC's Structure Breakout node)

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QC equivalent: 

Kineme Structure Breakout



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No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


●●○○ — A few weeks of work


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Thank you for your input. We have plans for making it easier to work with lists. Some things on our radar are:

  • making more nodes use lists/drawers
  • being able to label items in a list
  • dictionary support (lists of key/value pairs)

Our next focus is subcompositions, so implementing list processing enhancements is going to be further out. In the meantime, as you mentioned, you can use "Get Item from List". "Cut List" in conjunction with "Process List" might also be helpful. If you want to play several videos at once, you can use "Select Event Output" to send events to different "Play Movie" nodes to trigger playback.

Are there other specific use cases in addition to triggering videos from DMX input that you think we should keep in mind when we work on future list node and list processing enhancements?

I am hoping to use the iOS

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I am hoping to use the iOS app Luminair in Vuo in the same way I do now in QC. I currently control both position and transparency of various layers and objects using from Luminair. This gives me control to rapidly adjust layer settings and position of objects in QC to get the look I am going for. Once I have things looking right I create a CUE that can be recalled at any point in time during the show. I can have objects zoom, fade or move position really easily this way and I can vary the amount of time it takes to complete the transition. I use it for other things as well such as setting delay timers and changing other variables as well.

These things would be easier and less messy in VUO if the list node allowed for multiple outputs that could be custom labelled.

Vuo already has a Cut List

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Vuo already has a Cut List node that lets you extract a range of items from a list.

In Vuo 1.3, we'll plan to add a new node to pick out individual indices (instead of just a range).

Being able to get multiple individual values from a list is a bigger project; I've split that into another feature request: Add drawers to output ports.

Feature status

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