As a follow up to an earlier mega feature request, I have the following proposals on ways to decrease the amount of clicking and dragging required to execute typical interactions with drawers. These shouldn't interfere with all the ways creators can already interact with drawers.

  1. Click on a drawer handle to add one item to a drawer, instead of clicking and dragging the drawer handle or accessing a contextual menu.
  2. Drag a cable onto a drawer handle to quickly connect it to a new drawer item, instead of having to add an item and connect the cable as two separate gestures.
  3. Don't allow a user to eliminate drawer items that have cables connected while dragging the handle upward. For example, if there are three items in the drawer, the drawer can be shrunk down to three items, but no further. This happens to me a fair bit, so cmd+z is a frequent keystroke.
  4. Double click the drawer handle to condense all the connections into the first n drawer items. For example, if there are three connections into the drawer at items 2, 3 and 5, a double click to the drawer handle will move the connections so they occupy items 1, 2 and 3, as well as shrink the drawer down to only three items. This would help alleviate some of the manual decluttering creators are faced with.


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For (4) — On some nodes (e.g. Send Live Audio, Arrange Layers in Grid) it matters what port number a cable is going into. Maybe the plain double-click should only remove unconnected drawer items after the last connected one, and Shift double-click (a more emphatic double-click) should consolidate as much as possible (as described by Philip).

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