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what is the way to put a shadertoy into the" Make Image with Shadertoy"?

is necesary a pro version?



Hi, @afonso. The Make Image

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Hi, afonso. The Make Image with Shadertoy node works with regular Vuo; you don't need Vuo Pro.

The GLSL code from Shadertoy goes into the Make Image with Shadertoy node's Fragment Shader input port. Double-click on the port to open its input editor, then paste the GLSL code into the input editor.

For an example of Make Image with Shadertoy used in a composition, see File > Open Example > vuo.image > Animate Concentric Circles.

Shadertoy has made some updates to their syntax that are not yet reflected in Vuo, so when pasting recent Shadertoy code into Vuo, you'll have to make some adjustments. See the bug report for instructions.