Hello, I'm attempting to create a simple studded sphere. But I'm running into rotation issues.

1) created icosphere

2) get mesh values (Set to triangles)

3) created cone

4) copy 3D object (Cone) - pipe in the positions from get mesh values of the icosphere.

5) this is where I get stuck. all of the cones are pointed up. How would one go about using any of the mesh values to rotate the cones to face outward from the sphere's surface?

I've attempted to use the Sphere's normals but the values are not rotating the cones.

Any tips or help would be appreciated.


You're on the right track

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You're on the right track with using the sphere's normals (which I assume you're getting from Parabox Get Mesh Values). Since the normals are vectors (the direction that the cones should point), you have to turn them into rotations (the way the cones should be rotated to point in that direction). The attached composition shows how to do this using Make Quaternion from Vectors and Make Quaternion Transform.