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Halo, is there any way to move/rotate/scale only some parts of the mesh? for example on a rubic cube to treat only the corner cubes? Thanks for any help!


Halo,thanks so much to both

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Halo,thanks so much to both of you guys! I'm already re-exporting my collada meshes from Blender as multiple and it works just fine. I suspected it had something to do with Child object node but had no idea how to use it. I will also check out Karl Henkel's custom Parabox nodes, sounds interesting! I checked the Arrange 3D Objects in Grid...that would be like QC's Iterator more or less right? Well,thanks again for your input!

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Beside Azy's methods, I'm not a mesh pro so I may be very wrong but if the mesh has no sub-meshes or child objects it should be doable but somehow is tougher.
You could use Karl Henkel's custom Parabox nodes (check the Node Gallery) and use Get Mesh Values to isolate the points /vertices you'd want and somehow cut the vertices lists and recreate new objects to apply your rotations to.

However if it's really about a Rubik Cube, you could easily create one using the Arrange 3D Objects in Grid and apply transformations to the child cube copies