This was on the roadmap ages ago, but the roadmap doesn't exist anymore. I have an upcoming project that could use it so I'm interested in whther it's happening anymore. Any transparency appreciated.


@bLackburst, the status of

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bLackburst, the status of Blackmagic support is now here, on its feature request page.

You may already be able to input from your Blackmagic device with the Receive Live Video node, so I would recommend testing that to see if it will work for your upcoming project.

The feature request of interfacing directly with Blackmagic's API is still open for community voting and has the 3rd highest number of votes among open feature requests. If it remains among the top-voted, it would likely be next in line after the features already chosen to be implemented, which are slated for Vuo 1.3. I predict (but can't guarantee) that the Blackmagic feature request would be implemented soon after Vuo 1.3.

About the roadmap — As the number of requested features and completed features grew over time, and as we improved the organization of the feature requests page, the roadmap required more and more work to keep updated while becoming increasingly redundant to the feature requests page. Eventually we decided to retire the separate listing of features in the roadmap. The roadmap now points readers to the feature requests page.