khenkel, I'm incorporating your Get Mesh Values Node into a composition. However, when I use the Get Mesh Values Node. The scale of the mesh is quite larger than the object imported by the Fetch Scene Node. Any idea on why this is occurring? Is there some unit conversion that needs to be done?


I'd guess the problem is that

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I'd guess the problem is that the node does not apply the transform of the 3d object when outputting vertices. So if the mesh has been scaled by the transform the resulting mesh would be larger than expected.

If you're using the vertices with Make Mesh with Values you could just pipe in the original transform. Otherwise I'll have to modify that node to respect transformations, which I think it should do anyways. I'll try to get that updated ASAP.

Makes complete sense now, I

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Makes complete sense now, I appreciate the explanation. There wasn't any transform nodes in the pipe. However I did learn that the Center and Fit functions on the Fetch Scene Node were introducing the transforms. By changing those flags to false, the vertices line up.

The nodes you created so far are phenomenal. I'm just beginning to scratch the surface on the set.

@khenkel Having problems

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khenkel Having problems running the updated node set in vuo 1.2.5 and 1.2.6 alpha. Says Problem Running Composition, check that your nodes are installed correctly. I've rolled the parabox node set back to the previous build and the composition will run again. Just wanted to let you know. macbookpro osx 10.10

I bet you might need to take

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I bet you might need to take the composition, delete the old parabox nodes, and then swap in new ones from the node library. Not sure if it will help, but I've had something similar happen, and that worked.

BTW, thanks again for this node set, Karl!!! It's really great.

You (or anyone for that matter) might be interested in some of the things going on in this editor; just saw it a couple of days ago and was impressed at some of the ideas for GUI objects that pop up to make enhance editing.

@George_Toledo Thanks for the

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@GeorgeToledo Thanks for the tip. However, it did not fix the issue. I'll test on another machine that has a more recent version of OS.

khenkel I see the Get Mesh Values has been updated to include Transform. Thank you much! Now if I could just get it working. ha!

@Bodysoulspirit Have you

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Bodysoulspirit Have you attempted to run these updated nodes ?

Just tested the Get Mesh Values node and I still get the "There was a problem running this composition" error even with a blank new composition with only that node.
But from the history of the updates on Github it seems several nodes have been updated 2 days ago but not this one (latest update 2 months ago).

I hope the update will also fix the bug when the node is used to retrieve the vertices from Meshes that are being deformed by Add Noise to 3D Object which bugs since 1.2.4 (ran fine in 1.2.3, since the update of the Add Noise To 3D Objects in 1.2.4 to support noise deformation for points perhaps).


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I get the "There was a problem running the composition" error using "Get Mesh Values" in Vuo 1.2.7. khenkel, does the plugin need to be recompiled for 1.2.7?