hi guys, just wondering how you to use the offset date-time node? I'm trying to create a timeline of sorts and want to scrub through a written date and time (datetime-short-24) using my mouse. Thinking the offset date time node could be useful but not sure how to use the offset. Has anyone else had any experience with this node?


Lets say that when your mouse

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Lets say that when your mouse is on the very left of the screen you want the date to read 01/01/1996 01:02:10 for example. a quarter of the way in maybe 15/10/1999 02:11:12 half way 16/08/2017 20:48:12 then on the very right hand side the current time.

As my timelines not to scale it makes things a little more tricky. I've had a go and I've got here, it's a very clumsy way of doing things, but it's the only way I could think of to have trigger points that hit certain dates/times. Doing it this way the time isn't intrinsically linked to the mouse but gets the effect across. In an ideal world it would be and the time would scale continuously between the trigger points taking into account the offset. Hope that makes sense ;)

You could feed your key date

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You could feed your key date-times (as seconds after the start date-time in 1996) into Make Points along Spline. The node outputs a list of points that contains your key date-times, along with other date-times interpolating between them for animation. As the mouse moves left/right, you scrub through that list of points.