Be able to send and receive image streams via the NewTek NDI network protocol.


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I keep coming back to this

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I keep coming back to this feature request and was thinking this time about how useful a feature request it would be for projection mapping or other distance related projector based projects.

I've often used HDMI over ethernet extenders to get signals to far away projectors but you can easily run out of display outputs. So I was thinking that if NDI were supported it could open up some possibilities of easily adding additional displays to ANY Mac even ones that only have few available options for connecting displays.

In a projection mapping composition you could be running the main composition on your most powerful Mac using some NDI Server nodes streaming the image feeds, and on secondary Mac minis or MacBooks you could have a simple Vuo exported Mac app with a Receive Image via NDI node with a Make Quad Layer node or something to align the projection. You would now only limited by the power of your Mac (and number of other Macs you have available) not the number of display connections you have on your main system.

I realize you can often add more displays with external graphic cards or certain hubs, however you aren't as likely to invest in something like that for a single project. It's a lot more feasible to get your hands on a second or third Mac computer, so because of this I really think NDI would add a lot of value to Vuo.

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