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I've been a way from Vuo for a minute but have returned in an attempt to make a quick FFGL plugin for Resolume. The goal is to augment the keystone, or four-point transform tool, to include points midway between each corner. This allows for a very quick 'Z-perspective' transform, pushing or pulling the centre of the image from the viewer.

I can't figure out the best way to go about this, whether I should be sending the input imagine to the surface of a cube that is rotated 45º (y axis), or to a mesh object with these extra points, that can then be adjusted on the x & y coordinates.

Any thoughts would be super helpful. I feel like this should be a fairly straight forward tool but I can't wrap my head around which node to focus on.




Hi Jean Marie! Thank you for

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Hi Jean Marie! Thank you for the advice.

This is close but not quite the result I am looking for - I have found a bit of a solution, by duplicating the picture and rotating both in opposite directions on the Y axis. I can then crop the two layers to create the opposite perspective effect.

I wonder if this will be more CPU/GPU intensive since I am doubling the input - which will be realtime in Resolume. If it were possible to stretch or pinch the 'centre' points on the top and bottom edges, I feel like this would be a lighter composition.

I would be interested to know your thoughts on this. Thank you!

Thanks for the thoughts! This

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Thanks for the thoughts! This has been the solution now and seems to work quite well.

This is probably an obvious question but if I design an FFGL plugin with Vuo, for Resolume, what are the chances it will work on PC? I'm thinking 0 ? Probably a different file format...