If, for example, I have a "list files" node with a hardwired folder name input, and I export the composition as a MacApp, the entire contents of the folder gets bundled up. But what I would like to do is allow the user to drop items into the folder at their leisure, the composition will automatically deal with what's in that folder. Obviously works when running in Vuo but not when building an app. Is there a solution?


I remember this related

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I remember this related question : Mac App - Internal and External file linking

So we can use ~ or / for known folders, which is already amazing, but I agree it would still be handy, if possible, to be able to choose between to bundle relative paths or not (to bundle or not bundle, - Shakespeare).
A bit like when you're asked to save an example file (you're being asked leave files in place or copy them.)

Maybe some folks want to have a folder beside the app where users can throw stuff, rather then in ~ or / folders or in "Contents/Resources"

Options are king ;)

To reference folders relative

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To reference folders relative to the app, you can use relative paths — you just have to make them relative to that Contents/Resources folder within the app. For example, to access a folder next to the app called "MyImages", use path ../../../MyImages.

If you put that path right into the List Files input port, it will warn you that the path doesn't exist. Use Share Value to bypass that check, as in the attached composition.