Often I'm working on some nodes, and I realize I need to insert a new node into a pretty long chain of nodes. The result is a squiggly mess, and requires quite some work to bump all the other nodes along.

Wouldn't it be great if we could say 'Space out nodes' and it would horizontally space the nodes so that there are no cases where nodes need to squiggle, just because there's not enough horizontal room.

I seem to remember other requests for 'auto neaten' of nodes. This could be pretty complicated to design, so I think we could at least start on the x axis, per this Space-out idea.



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Good suggestion/FR.

To be considered alongside the FR for dragging node over a cable to wire it up and insert new node from library into the selected wire(s) between the two nodes at each end of the wire.

Also I made a video animation years ago for moving nodes so that ‘window in window’ sub graphs could expand into the graph. It’s on that FR I linked to previously today about sub composition types. (Typing on my phone so challenging to link up references)

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