I'm using 'Fetch JSON Tree' triggered by 'Fire Periodically' to read preferences from a file that can change as the composition runs. This works fine when run within the Vuo Editor, but when compiled to a standalone App the values do not reflect the changing file state. I'm guessing they are cached at some point.

Is this a legit use case for these nodes? If so, any ideas on how to fix, i.e. flush the buffers? Thanks.

(A simple test composition has been added to show the problem.)


This turns out to be because

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This turns out to be because the current folder for files is the composition's location when using the Vuo Editor, but the desktop (I think) when running as a standalone App. So my App was not finding my JSON file and using the most recent values. If I add the full path to my file name the App finds my JSON file and reads changing values as expected.