Hiya folks. There might be a good reason for this I'm missing…

I'm using the Save Images to Movie node. I assume this one is fairly popular.

However, I find it cumbersome to start and stop movie recording, currently doing it this way, which kiiinda works? (I'm seeing all kinds of audio sync issues, which may be something else)

Request: a 'Record' input which can be fired to commence recording.




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We've discussed this with the team, and we feel that although a Record Input port could be valuable, we concluded that the potential value of a Record Input port would be outweighed by the additional complexity / reduced usability. We've consistently tried to avoid having input ports that can make other input ports stop functioning (e.g. Save Video Frame only works if Record is true). Select Input with a Toggle Action Button would give you a direct way to control the node's behavior.

We've investigated the audio issue. For Save Frames to Movie and Save Images to Movie, when starting the audio and video after a pause, the audio and video become out-of-sync. We'll create a bug report.

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