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●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

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Comments are a very useful way to help a larger composition be more readable.

However, while it's possible to type linebreaks using Option+Enter in the text field, these are not shown by the Comment on the page:

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DTP et al standard shortcuts

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DTP et al standard shortcuts are

  • "shift" + "return" for soft returns (line break with no paragraph spacing)
  • "return" for hard returns (with para spacing)

the fact that "return" often closes a modal dialogue or enters a cell in a spreadsheet means there's a veritable catalogue of shortcuts used for hard returns in different apps.

I'm cool with "cmd" + "return" for hard returns and adding a half a line of paragraph spacing would be nice.


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We've converted this to a bug report. Our documentation isn't clear on the Markdown format for linebreaks and paragraphs.

Text inside a comment uses Markdown formatting. To start a new line, finish the line with two or more trailing spaces, then press ⌥↵ to continue on a new line. To start a new paragraph, add a blank line after the previous line of text (⌥↵⌥↵).