For an application I am working on, it would be useful to do the same thing that the does as a result of Tools>Canvas Transparency. Ie, I would like to change the opacity of the window, or better, to set a transparent background.


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We see this FR implemented as adding a Window Description node to change the overall window's opacity (everything that is rendered). In addition, it would change the opacity of the title bar.

For Background Color - Clear Node the implementation would be, as Steve mentioned on that node "add a Background Material port to all of the Render Scene/Layers to Window/Image nodes. Then you could choose transparency ..., a solid color, a shader, or an image, and it would always stretch to fill the entire viewport and would always be behind everything else." and "maybe the default for window nodes should be solid black (which would match the current behavior)." For that FR, the title bar would not be hidden or transparent.

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