Hey y'all. The Vuo development team has been discussing the next releases, and we wanted to share our current thinking and get your feedback.

As a recap, we've made these releases in the past year:

  • Vuo 2.1.0 — video streaming with NewTek NDI and RTMP, other new/updated nodes
  • Vuo 2.2.0 — macOS 11 support, new nodes
  • Vuo 2.3.0 — native support for Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64), new nodes
  • and bug-fix releases in between

Over the next few years, our (somewhat competing) goals are:

  • Fulfill some of the top-voted feature requests from the community.
  • Keep up with changes to macOS.
  • Make Vuo cross-platform.
  • Continue to fund Vuo's development.

With that in mind, here's what we're thinking for major features in the next couple years:

Aside from keeping up with macOS changes, we selected the features for Vuo 2.4.0-2.6.0 from among the community's top-voted feature requests, and would select similarly for Vuo 2.7.0.

During this time, we also plan to work toward cross-platform support. Specifically, we'll be starting on the ability to export compositions to either Windows apps or Linux apps. This will be a multi-year project that we plan to make progress on gradually as we continue to add features and fix bugs for macOS. It won't be anywhere close to done by Vuo 2.7.0, but we would like to reach the first major milestone by then: completing the groundwork needed to be able to compile and run a simple "hello world" composition.

And of course, we'll continue with the other work necessary to keep Vuo going, including:

  • Doing work for hire, which provides the majority of funding for Vuo. Currently we do a lot of web development and a little Vuo-related development. We'd like to shift the balance to more Vuo-related work if we can.
  • Promoting the work that people have made with Vuo, and trying to help people who would find Vuo useful but have never heard of it before to find out about it.
  • Providing free and paid support to the Vuo community.
  • Working with the developers of related software like VDMX and CoGe to help with their Vuo integrations.
  • Making improvements to the open-source software that Vuo relies on.
  • Updating the Vuo website. (It's on Drupal 7, which is reaching end of life in 2022, so we need to upgrade to a newer Drupal version.)

So that's what we're thinking. If you use Vuo in your work, how will this plan affect you? Do you see anything important that we're overlooking?



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If you heard what I was saying, you wouldn’t reply that way, because I am not suggesting to eliminate the ability to color code.

Here’s the third attempt at writing the same thing…

Someone in the thread wrote that the graphs are confusing. I partially agree. I wrote that some sort of mode to reveal graph evaluation, whenever colors being tied to evaluation type would be desirable.

I was actually a big advocate of users being able to choose custom colors in the early pre-release stages of planning VUO. Now I see there are issues.

Anyway, when users mention problems, my mind goes to “how do you solve this frustration”, not to deny that there is potentially an issue. Reflecting on it, I think there is a huge issue when it comes to the graphs no longer being able to visually convey evaluation.

You could actually do a lot

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You could actually do a lot with the stock QC particle node, because you could place it inside a GLSL shader environment to influence the movement and have more control over the textures. It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but I could do plenty of cool looking stuff in five minutes time that I think are impossible to do in VUO without making some sort of custom node(s).

And of course you could do OpenCL particle systems directly in QC, lol.

I must have completely

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I must have completely misread your last comment then somehow. 🙄 The language that you are using to communicate your thoughts is coming across somewhat negative and hostile.

Ps. I wasn't advanced enough to do OpenCL particle systems. I'm a noob with GLSL too. I'm a designer who learned a bit about code. Sitting here making snide comments is quite frankly unhelpful. This is meant to be a positive space to discuss Vuo. I'm out.

Yes, you apparently didn’t

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Yes, you apparently didn’t focus on the part where I suggested evaluation could be revealed through a mode.

I find that your post in response was very snide, as is your eye roll emoji. You misread my statement, I have alerted you to that…and now you choose to lash out.

I’m attempting to have a professional level discussion.

I see that my criticism of all of the time spent revising the logo could be considered “coming in hot”, but I was just trying to convey my feelings as a user. When you rely on a system like this for professional endeavors, and you can’t get things done because there isn’t the raw functionality, and every time you come on the forum people seem to be spending a lot of energy on revising a logo…well, I found it frustrating. The bigger picture is that I was trying to express that I thought maybe other users may have felt similarly.

I also see that asserting that more weight should be given to users who do high level projects or use the system professionally, and my suggestion that it could be perceived as arrogant…actually put in people’s mind that it is arrogant. But in fact, what long lasting company that finds itself in similar circumstances wouldn’t put more weight on the views of some select group of professionals? I think it is completely reasonably to criticize the functionality and efficacy of the feature voting system from this standpoint.

If my thoughts come across as negative, it is probably because the main emotion that VUO triggers in me is frustration, and I guess that has pervaded these comments.

I apologize for offending you in my attempt to clarify my comments. I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to benefit people within the community, and that motivation is the reason I’m spending my time right now getting grief for my attempts to give suggestions that could help make VUO more popular.

Maybe my perception that I helped make a lot of people aware of Quartz Composer and Kineme, and thus have some sort of insight into how that may be repeated, is simply in error.

Maybe something fruitful for

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Maybe something fruitful for the team/community would be to solicit opinions concerning VUO from other people who were perceived as high profile QC users, such as Vade/Anton, Momo, etc.

I have felt attachment to VUO from being part of the team that conceived it, and having a license in perpetuity as trade for those contributions. I am sure that initiating some of the fundamental concepts behind VUO colors the language I use when it comes to my opinion about the path it should take.

There are other heavyweight QC users who have never delved into VUO as much, and in some cases have been far more critical than I have. I still think it would be worth the effort to attempt to appeal to those people.

Since this thread is no

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Since this thread is no longer contributing anything constructive to Vuo development — in fact it's now taking away time from Vuo development — we are closing it.

@GeorgeToledo, as I said before, your comments are out of line with the community agreement. It sounds like you disagree with some of the community agreement's principles, or have a very different interpretation than what we intended. As we have stated, we want all Vuo community members to feel welcome and respected. If you can't abide by the community agreement, then please don't post on vuo.org or Vuo's social media groups. If you continue to post comments like this, we'll have to ban you. On the other hand, if you can approach Vuo community members in good faith — e.g. not making statements like "If you heard what I was saying, you wouldn’t reply that way" and not disrespecting people with different skills than yours — then you are welcome to post. If you have further concerns about this thread or the community agreement, you can contact us at info@vuo.org.