I was trying to put together something to show Keith, and am confused about something.

I have three "is less than" patches. I want to feed the A ports of them all with a float value.

First, is there a patch time/current composition time node that isn't related to window output? I thought there was, but am having trouble finding the right name in the Library.

Second, since I couldn't find patch time, I wanted to connect all A ports together to some float/real value. But I don't see a "make real" node. How do I create a single float value, and have that feed to all the input port A on the Is Less Than patches?


Yes, fire periodically works.

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Yes, fire periodically works. For some reason it didn’t seem to be coming up with search terms in the library.

For 2, I am trying to do the opposite. I’m trying to make multiple cables from a single float value. Like a splitter in QC.

Thanks Keith.

I see that Share Value will

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I see that Share Value will work for this, I think (without really testing).

Maybe the vuo team could entertain the idea that entering in "float" or "make float" could bring this node up in the library?

I see that "make real" pulls it up ("real" being the vuo term for float, correct?"), but four patches related to "make image" and "make range" will proceed it in the library results.

That said...there should just be a "make real value"/make float patch, because it is a fundamental vuo data type and other data types have a "make patch". It is confusing to have "make" patches for other data types but not for float.