Sometimes I have a Node with multiple Cables connected. I'd love a time-saving method to duplicate the existing Node and Cable connections.

For example, perhaps this is an extension of the usual duplicate/paste methods:

  • Menubar option 'Duplicate with Cables'
  • Shift + Option + D
  • Option + Shift + Drag
  • Paste with Cables by Command + Option +V

In this image example, I would want to duplicate the Make Time-Date node, which I am using a set of alarm per day.



I don't object to merging the

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I don't object to merging the request, but I would object if the proposed solution is the accepted, sole, one.

Optionally preserve incoming cable connections when duplicating a node is a slightly different use-case though.

For me, there are two use cases.

  1. Where I have a set of similar nodes that I want to create spawning from an existing connection. For this Bodysoulspirit's suggestion is a good one.
  2. For the second case, which I find also common, I have some common single source of truth, for example an App Window node, which must necessarily send information to Mouse nodes, and any other node that wants to know about window size, that are spread far across the composition.

In this case, #where# I want to do the work, there is no existing receiver node. In practice, this would mean going and finding the receiving node, and duplicating it there. If a cable is hidden, this means unhiding, finding, and then re-hiding. And then dragging the duplicated node to where I actually want it.

This may sound pedantic, and I agree that for the size of Vuo files in the examples it may be. I cracked open the big .vuo file I'm working on, and if I'm reading it correctly, I've got 991 (almost a thousand) cables in there, although I don't care to count them. The .vuo file itself is 1880 lines.

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