Collage of graphics used in the workshop
Glitchy art in VDMX with a circular noisy halo amidst horizontal and vertical lines
VDMX interface with strips of colors that light up when MIDI notes are played

Huseyin Kuru, creative director of Motus.Lumina, is teaching an online workshop via one-on-one Zoom meetings. With 10 hours of instruction, the workshop gives each participant an in-depth look at audiovisual programming, starting from the basics. The workshop introduces participants to node-based visual programming with Vuo and explains how to create audiovisual compositions using Vuo, VDMX, and Ableton Live.

Full workshop description: English and español.

Workshop Vuo / VDMX / Ableton Live Audiovisual Programming

The workshop fee is $149 USD. Software used in the workshop is available at no cost — Vuo Community Edition is free for personal use and small organizations, and VDMX and Ableton Live have free demo versions.

Workshop participants have access to a Discord channel where Huseyin answers more in-depth questions than can be covered in the workshop.

To register for the workshop, contact Motus.Lumina by email or Instagram.

Workshop Vuo / VDMX / Ableton Live Audiovisual Programming

Workshop Vuo / VDMX / Ableton Live Audiovisual Programming

Motus Lumina is an interactive-design collective based in Istanbul. We work on indoor/outdoor stage design, VJing, animation, video mapping, av projects, and music. Our objective is to create interactive visual projects integrated with sound, data, and any type of digital control device.


I can only second the comment

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I can only second the comment by Sampauwels.

Huseyin was very helpful in any way and always well prepared and on schedule. He gave me a very easy to follow introduction to the vuo way of programming and shared all of his examples and compositions with me. If you want to start learning to create visuals and apps with Vuo I can happily recommend to do this workshop.

I truly cannot recommend this

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I truly cannot recommend this workshop enough. I came in with zero programming experience, and was more than a little terrified of the complexities of node-based graphics. Huseyin was patient clear, and incredibly generous with his time and attention, and by the end of the class I was excited, inspired, and full of ideas for what to do next. I still can't believe there was 15 hours of personalized one-on-one instruction for this incredibly reasonable price. For any VJ who's at all interested in creating their own material, this is an absolutely essential investment in yourself.

This workshop is a great

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This workshop gives a great introduction to VUO programming and how to implement it with software as VDMX and Ableton Live. Huseyin combines the technical aspects with various examples from his own artistic practise which gives you a concrete and very inspiring insight into the possibilities of VUO. The workshop is extremely efficient and well thought through and contains both theory and hands on programming. I highly recommend it, it will expand your way of working.

I had a great time with the

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I had a great time with the instructor Huseyin Kuru. He obviously has put a lot of thought designing the course. He offers five two and a half hour sessions via Zoom. Every session you go deeper into Vuo and find out how it can interacts with different softwares. Even if you are new to Vuo and other softwares Huseyin makes it easy to comprehend new concepts by answering every question you could possibly have. He gets hands-on to be thoroughly. Overall it was very groundbreaking for me to see behind the scenes of some of my favourite visual concepts. I want to thank Vuo and the instructor Huseyin Kuru for the opportunity for me to be a part of this community and can't wait to submit my own projects!

It came at the right time!

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It came at the right time! It has been a pleasure to have Huseyin as a teacher and I am very grateful for his sharing, his availability, his passion, closeness and good humor. These classes have allowed me to get started both in the programs and in the combination of VUO, VDMX and LIVE and to continue to deepen my visual work; it has been a combination of essential technical knowledge and applications, taught by an artist who continues to develop his art and evolve his own tools, so his transmission is very rich.

Workshop was very informative

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Workshop was very informative and helpfull. Huseyin is very flexible and genourus. i only seen node based programming before but never got an oppertunity to learn. I can produce better works with this knowledge and it opened me many ways to think verious ways of making audio visual programming. Highly recomended.

El taller ha sido genial.. He

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El taller ha sido genial.. He aprendido mucho acerca de VUO y sus posibilidades. Valoro especialmente el enfoque artístico de Huseyin y la forma en la que explica sus procesos creativos, técnicos y artísticos. 1000% Recomendado.

Muchas gracias 

The workshop has been great.. I have learned a lot about VUO and its possibilities. I especially value Hussein's artistic approach and the way he explains his creative, technical and artistic processes. 1000% Recommended. Thanks a lot 

What I liked about this

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What I liked about this workshop, is that it shows using Vuo in various scenarios and gives you inspiration to make your own stuff . Having experience in visual programming I understand that it takes much more than 10 hours to get a grasp of such software as Vuo. This workshop provides good starting point, and analyzing supplied examples will give plenty of knowledge by itself. I was also inspired by creative ideas lying behind some of the shown examples; I think it's good there's a balance between technical and creative stuff being shown and told. I want to thank my instructor Huseyin for inspiring and teaching me and I want to thank team Vuo for allowing me to participate!

Thank to this workshop, I

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Thank to this workshop, I returned to visual programming. I started with QuartzComposer around 2008, and since its bitter end, I have been searching for a new language. I knew VUO was the best option for my profile, but I did not really succeed to learn it - until this Workshop. Besides of sharing transparently so much knowledge for such an amplitude of use cases and contexts, and showing/opening so much doors, I really love that Huseyin keeps open the communication in the community through Discord and direct contact. I certainly recommend it, already on the second day after the session I was creating again own patches. Thank you, Huseyin, for your open way, thank you, VUO team, to offer funding. Due to booth, I am finally back creating.

I just completed this VUO

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I just completed this VUO course with Motus Lumina..WOW! My brain is full. He covered the interaction of over 43 Projects..whole node sets, their purpose use, and interaction. I can’t recommend this course enough if you really want to know VUO, (or if you always really wished you had learned Quartz Composer—at least you can learn this.) It’s well worth the cost by a substantial factor. He also shares with you his projects, you can deconstruct them to your hearts content. I’m very pleased. Also he was very accommodating when i needed to reschedule so that was super nice, and he is too. I really want to thank Huseyin for providing this to the community. See you all on the Discord server..where i will be asking endless questions. Oh did i mention there’s a discord group? There is. ..Graphics Card Crash.. (you know, instead of mic drop ;-)

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