It would be nice if the Slider Node could have a list of real numbers fed into it so the slider can snap to set user chosen increments within the set range for the slider. This would allow say for the slider to be easily positioned at exactly 50%, or at precise 10% increments etc.

I see this feature as having some behaviour options: 1. Snap to List - The slider snaps to only listed values 2. Weighted Snaps - The slider snaps to listed values only when within certain threshold of a listed value, otherwise it can be set freely to non-listed values. 3. Override Snaps Boolean (Default - True) - Allows the listed values to be ignored and frees the slider to be set at any value with its range. Kind of like how holding down in Photoshop temporally turns off snap to guides feature.



We propose using the Snap

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We propose using the Snap Value node to create snapping behavior for a slider. Here's a composition that shows how that would look, although it may not work well (or at all) in Vuo 2.4.0, due to an overwhelming amount of events from Make Slider. We'll be fixing that in Vuo 2.4.1.

We'd like to modify your feature request to be usable in other scenarios besides Make Slider — to give the Snap Value node the option to only snap if the input value is within a certain tolerance of the Spacing, and by creating a new Snap Value to List node (similar to Snap Value but takes a list of specific values instead of automatically snapping to linearly-spaced values.) Does that sound OK to you?

Change of plan… On retesting

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Change of plan… On retesting slider-snap.vuo with Vuo 2.4.1, we realized that using a Snap Value node makes the slider movement too wobbly to be a solid solution. Instead, we propose adding a Snapping Behavior input port to Make Slider and some nodes that you can connect to it to specify snapping behavior (snap-to-list, etc.). This would be a more reliable way to provide the functionality that Chris requested. I've updated the title of the feature request accordingly.

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